Greater Texas Voice, Data & Fiber Optic Cabling



GTC can provide a full spectrum of network solutions ranging from a simple LAN within a few floors to a entire wireless solution. We install all category cabling, ATM, FDDI, 10baseT, 100baseT and Fiber Optics. GTC uses leading edge products from major network companies, such as Cisco, 3Com, IBM, Microsoft and Novell to ensure the best quality of service available.


Data & Voice Integration, Design, Engineering & Troubleshooting


If your organization has not yet implemented a network infrastructure, or plans to expand an existing network we can help. Our purpose is to provide you with a total solution by analyzing your network needs and integrating that with new technology to best benefit your organization’s mission and purpose. GTC will include a site survey, cable plant design, pre-installation testing, cable run, termination, and testing. Our warranty includes all manufacturers warranties and an extended warranty on all installation. Our technical staff is qualified to install all types of fiber optic, coaxial and twisted pair cabling, including terminal installations and/or relocating.